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Q&A about the UFO design

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What is the size of the UFO?

The diameter of the UFO is 12″ and it is 5″ tall.

Isn’t the UFO too big?

It is interesting to see how many comments we receive regarding the shape and size of the UFO. Some have suggest amusing uses of the UFO with the top open, such us as a popcorn or chip holder while watching TV, or even as a fish bowl.

Admittedly, the size of the UFO is bigger than what you expect from a power strip but the most common use of the UFO and probably the most useful in terms of savings, is in a home entertainment system. The average US LCD or plasma TV is 42″ and it can get as large as 70″ (diagonal). In perspective and next to one of these, the UFO doesn’t really look that big to me.

The second most common use is in a home office setting and it most cases it should not be a problem per se, when for instance a UFO sits between a PC and a printer.

That is okay, but why is the UFO so big?

It has been noticed that the electronics takes only the central part of the UFO and that is correct. We are working on a different form factor that is made of only the central part. Code name is the Rocket Power Center. However, the circular cavity around the center has the important function to be the repository for electrical cords and wall warts of the appliances plugged in. This way the environment around the UFO is neat and the intertwine mess of electrical cords hidden inside.

Are you making smaller smart power strips?

Yes we are. The second product to be launched in the US is the single outlet Monostrip a glimpse of which can be seen on our website The Monostrip is about 4″ x 4″ and 2″ tall.

Why there isn’t a manual inside the package?

Inside the box there is a welcome sheet with a link to the online setup instructions. We maintain an online website with articles describing the use of the UFO online at This way instructions are always up to date.

However, the main reason for not printing a manual is because we adopted a more ecological view in the manufacturing process and the material is built with. That in a way that is compatible with the safety of the product. The package is also made of recycled paper for this reason.

Who designs your products?

Our products are designed by an Italian designer, Sara Dal Gallo who is a component of the founding team. The UFO design has received the 2008 Green Dot award in the Products category and the 2010 Echotech award. Sara is also managing partner of the Italian boutique design firm Elastico Disegno.


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December 23, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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