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A third-gender approach to the electrical switch. New software to enable DELAY mode in Visible Energy smart products.

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It is on the news these days that a Thai airline has hired transsexual flight attendants, or what the airline calls “third sex” flight attendants. The world is not M or F anymore, or has ever been? At Visible Energy we have taken a “third-gender” attitude to the electrical switch that is not necessarily only ON or OFF. Perhaps our vicinity to San Francisco had its influence.

From the next release of our iPad software will be possible not only to switch ON a socket that is OFF, but also to set a socket on a third mode called DELAY. When in DELAY mode the socket will switch ON at a later time, for instance at a more convenient off-peak time when the electricity is less expensive.

To make things more interesting is that if one is undecided about what is the proper off-peak time, the software allows for a service to decide for you and provides an approximate time back to the user. This is possible if the product is registered with the Visible Energy or other energy service platforms.

Notice in the screenshot the new DELAY button:

Once delayed it shows the time of switching:


Written by Marco G.

December 20, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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