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100 Watt = $150

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Reducing electrical consumption of 100 Watt in a year corresponds to $150 of savings.

It is interesting that when associating a monetary figure to electricity saved, the result is a substantial saving even for a relatively small amount of energy reduction. After all, how many questionably useful 100 Watt light bulbs lie around our homes and offices? Knowing that keeping those lights always on cost $150 each in a year gives a different perspective on it.

With a UFO Power Center reaching a substantial amount of saving in the order of 40 or 50 Watts per socket is relatively simple, particularly when used in a home theater or home office setting and other posts in my blog are dedicated to this.

The equivalence of 100 W = $150 is clearly comes from the following calculation:

Number of hours in a year = (365 x 24) = 8,760

Energy saved by eliminating 100 Watt for 8,760 hours = (100 x 8760) = 876000 Whr = 876 kWhr

At the average cost of $0.18 per kWhr:

Money saved by eliminating 100 Watt in a year = (876 x 0.18) = 157.68

This is a concept already explored by another energy efficiency blog


Written by Marco G.

February 10, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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