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What is Visible Energy about?

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Visible Energy is about getting an understanding of how we use electricity and what changes we make have an impact on it. We are convinced that people need tools to inspire their natural desire for conservation and for reducing their carbon footprint.

Electricity is both invisible and intangible. We can see, feel, hear and even smell its effects, but we can not really perceive it. As the effects of electricity like light and heat, for instance, are often taken for granted in our lives, electricity becomes even more invisible. The fact is that the monthly electrical bill is the only feedback we receive about our use of electricity.

Visible Energy products will provide technological tools that let us to know instantly how electricity is used. Simple automation built into the products will provide direct energy saving by reducing stand-by power and turning the power off during determined times of the day.

Our goal is to make useful products that people use.


Written by Marco G.

February 4, 2009 at 10:26 pm

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  1. Hi Marco,
    I downloaded your app from the Itunes and although i havnt gotten a Energy UFO yet I think its a great idea and certainly hope it works for not only us but for the whole planet.
    Im based in Dublin, Ireland , and moving in to a new apt so was looking around for ways to save energy an since my only bill is the Electric I though this might be the way to go.
    If you ever need a beta tester in Ireland do let me know , im fairly good with Electronics, I use to work with 3com as an Electronics technician.
    Anyway , keep up the good work and ill be watching via RSS.

    Great work !

    Peter Buckley

    Peter Buckley

    February 12, 2009 at 12:12 am

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